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Autism Caregivers Needs Care Too!

But when we talk about autism, we often neglect the caregivers.

Look, it's hard. There are endless hoops to jump through, a parade of doctors and therapies and the parenting, every single day.

It never ends, and there's often no relief.

Worse, the judgment is relentless. Everybody you know suddenly has an opinion on how you're raising your child, and especially how you're doing it wrong, and not trying hard enough.

And when your child is autistic, the proof of your apparent failures is right there, not caring what anyone has to say about anything. And you despair.

You and I both know caregiver fatigue is real.

So today, I want to invite you to a community that's going to put you first.

A place where you can talk about what YOU need.

A place where you can tell your story, find support and find the kind of answers that come from asking hard questions.

Most of all, a place where you can get information on both traditional AND alternative treatments and therapies so that you can feel confident in your decisions as a parent and a caregiver.

What goes on in the UnPuzzled Community?

We're going to be talking about how to make your life more manageable. 

How to feel confident in your decisions, and how to find time for self-care. 

How to make meals and baths and life easier to deal with, and how to navigate paperwork and therapists and endless things to do.

Most of all, we want to be a soft place to land on the hard days, because there aren't a lot of places like that when you're a caregiver.

It's called UnPuzzled, because we're not trying to make anyone fit in.

What Will I Find in UnPuzzled?

  • Vulnerable conversations on topics that matter to you such as meltdowns, relationships with your partner and what happens when they turn 21. We even allow venting without accepting advice from others.
  • Sharing of personal stories, lessons learned and inspiration. 
  • Mini-Courses that you can view while waiting in the therapist's office or in the school pick-up lane such as Mindfulness, Learning Styles, Self Love and Crystal Grids. New ones are added all the time. 
  • Exclusive virtual events that you can attend from the comfort of your home. 
  • Discounts on holistic consultations for you and the entire family.

Who is UnPuzzled for?

Autism is the reason I’m an advocate and a caregiver. You may also be a caregiver but you call it by another diagnosis. In my eyes, we are all family if you have a child (relative)with any learning difficulties, physical disability, or emotional and behavioral difficulties. You are always welcomed in any community I create.

Join Us Today!

Come and join our family. This a community like no other. 

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